Employer Branding

Your Company maximizes the power of its people by obtaining one or several of the following Awards of Happiness: DRAGON by Employees, Women Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusion, Social Power and/or Work at Home Excellence. 


Corporate Branding

Your Company increases sales and reduces costs by obtaining one or more of the following Awards of Happiness: DRAGON by Clients, by Partners and/or Independent Professionals.


Personal Branding

Individuals improve their Personal Brand by obtaining one or more of the following Awards of Happiness: DRAGON for Directors, for Collaborators and/or for GREAT STUDENTS.


There are three different modalities which vary in price and deliverables: Basic, Plus y Superior.


Master Branding


Individuals evaluate and improve their level of Wellbeing in different areas through our workplace-based programs provided by Official Partner Hub&Go.

Dragon: Ergonomics, Physical Activity, Calm, Happiness, Sweet Dreams, Nutrition, Leadership, Lifelong Learner, Social, Diversity & Inclusion, Green Spirit, Equality, Tobacco Free.


  • Increase productivity and sales.
  • Improve interpersonal relations between the people who make up your organization.
  • Increase constructive feedback and active listening.
  • Optimize your investment in talent attraction and retention.
  • Turn your people into Ambassadors for your organization.
  • Change your Institutional Reputation and your Employer Branding for the better.


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