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Awards of Happiness™

The Awards of Happiness™ are the most important international recognition honoring companies and professionals who maximize their results through organizational happiness.
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Employer Branding: Maximizes employee engagement.

Corporate Branding: Increases sales and minimizes costs.

Personal Branding: Improves professionals’ personal brand.

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Employee Health Score

Access the Dragon Plus Employee Health Score platform and know the daily work environment of your organization for free.
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People evaluate companies and honor them with the Awards of Happiness™. The auditing process takes two weeks to complete, is confidential and anonymous, and is based on the results of the OHT, our proprietary Organizational Happiness Test.
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Learn all about our complete independence. Our partners, process, the categories of Awards of Happiness™, prices, alliances and the benefits of Applying for your own Dragon Awards of Happiness.
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The mission of the Awards of Happiness™

Our purpose is to make the world a better place and for this reason we choose to reward the best companies and individuals who share this common goal.

We independently audit and recognize the process to obtain the Awards of Happiness™, as it is the employees, clients, partners and coworkers who evaluate companies and professionals.  

The Awards of Happiness™ are designed to help companies be more competitive and to increase the benefits of their commitment to organizational happiness and to help people differentiate themselves by increasing their Personal Brand.

Awards of Happiness™
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Benefits of obtaining the Awards of Happiness™



95% of companies awarded obtain more commitment from their employees when they feel like they are part of the team.



81% of people are attracted to companies with proven total managerial transparency.



78% of employees who participate in the evaluation process focus more on the organization’s purpose.



Companies and professionals improve their perception of the brand in the market by 46%, reaffirming its brand positioning and equity.

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Our General Presentation explains in detail all of the different Awards of Happiness ™. Please tell us for which ones your company or you would like to apply.

Please also contact us if you have any questions whatsoever, and if you want to receive free news and content about how to improve Organizational Happiness.



Our Team


Pedro Galvan


Founder of Awards of Happiness™ and of the World Association of Directors of Happiness. ESADE, IESE and Stanford alum, Bocconi, science fiction writer, doctoral student, professor, polymath, curious, conference speaker and humanist.

Pedro Abadia


ESADE, consultant, organized, perseverant, experienced, operations, orderly, demanding, detail oriented and direct.

Monica Balanzategui


Artist, publicity expert, international, entrepreneur, leader, international award recipient, traveler, creative, magical.

Ph.D. Isaac Prilleltensky

Senior Advisor

Doctor, professor, consultant, conference speaker, 22 books, 130+ articles published, internationally recognized expert in Wellbeing y Wellness.

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The Awards of Happiness™ corporate headquarters are located in Miami, FL, USA.

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