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Our Senior Advisor, Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky ( believes in the recognition of justice and wellbeing for people and organizations.


Our purpose is unique and direct, essential and positive: we believe in identifying, auditing and rewarding people and companies who want to make a difference and use the advantage of organizational happiness to become more competitive.


The OHT is our Organizational Happiness Test

Our methodology is based upon constant leaning from the thousands of data points which flow into our servers each day in the form of answers to our various OHTs. This constant stream of information allows us to grow our knowledge of what companies and individuals need to brilliantly manage their own paths and have a real impact on making the world a better place.


  • We send client OHT link.
  • People evaluating company or individual respond.
  • We receive anonymous and confidential answers.
  • Analysis and application of SFA ® Human Audit.
  • 2 weeks later, results of OHT, Happiness Report and Dragon Awards of Happiness™ sent to client.
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