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We have collected the most common questions that our clients have asked us and their answers. We hope they are useful to you.
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The twelve most popular questions. FAQ

Who can apply for a Awards of Happiness?

Any company or person can apply for the Awards of Happiness which they consider appropriate and necessary to reach their objectives of improving Organizational Happiness.

Once you have applied, we will send you a link with more questions to determine if you are eligible.

If I pay for the process, do I get my Awards of Happiness for sure?

No. Each Awards of Happiness must be successfully obtained and each of the Pillars which make up each Awards of Happiness has to be passed separately and independently. If it is not passed, the client will receive the Happiness Report (modality Plus or Superior) and will be given the opportunity to re-apply for their Awards of Happiness again after six months for free. Modality Basic does not allow to apply again.

Can I cheat?

Our clients are not cheaters. At the moment of signing the agreement, our clients affirm that they are committed to not cheating. Our analytic detection systems will detect suspicious behaviors in the answers. However, if we should arrive at the conclusion that cheating has occurred, we reserve the right to rescind any Awards of Happiness that may have been obtained.

Does the company Sé Feliz Ahora® offer consulting services?

No, we are completely independent and do not offer any kind of strategic long term or medium term consulting to collaborate with companies or people on the different projects that may appear on the Happiness Report. We invite our clients to consult our independent Happiness Ambassadors who they can find on our website or other professionals of recognized prestige.

How do I obtain the Standard, Gold and Platinum Level?

When a client obtains any Awards of Happiness, there will be a level as Standard, Gold or Platinum. If they pass with 50% or higher positive answers they obtain the Standard Level.. There are different requirements necessary to obtain each of the successive levels of Awards of Happiness. In the “Awards of Happiness” section you can find necessary information.

Will answers remain anonymous and confidential? Is there any database transfer?

Yes, they are all anonymous and confidential.

We will never contact the people who answer the OHT. We only speak to our client. We send the OHT link to our client to be distributed to whomever has been agreed will participate.

There is no data base transfer as we receive the answers from our technology partner and no personal or professional information is ever requested nor is the device used to send them ever investigated.

Do you make lists of the best companies?

We do not believe in making lists or champions. Our objective is to help people and companies improve their Organizational Happiness. It is up-close teamwork leading to recognition, but we do not understand the expression “competition” when it comes to Happiness.

How long is the process of obtaining a Awards of Happiness?

Two weeks.

One week for people to answer the OHT and another for us to analyze the answers and deliver Summary Report and  the Happiness Report.

If the Awards of Happiness is not obtained, do I get my money back?

No money is returned. Depending on the Modality selected: Basic, Plus or Superior, we will work to provide the services contracted by our clients in good faith and working towards a positive outcome.

I have obtained my Awards of Happiness but I want to try again in order to get a higher level. Can I?

This is not possible and we could say we don’t care since we’d make more money, but it would be against our principles. A company or person can only apply for one Awards of Happiness per year.

What is the OHT, the Happiness Report and the Dragon Awards of Happiness?

In the Process part it is explained perfectly but we summarize it. The OHT (Organizational Happiness Test) are the questions that people have to answer. If it is a Company Award of Happiness, those people will be Employees, Clients or Partners.
If it is a Professional Awards of Happiness, then they will be the current and past team members of the Director or Collaborator.
With the answers we generate a Happiness Report.
If you pass the OHT then we will grant you with the DRAGON AWARDS OF HAPPINESS.

Why should I get a Awards of Happiness?

Because you want your company to improve its relationships with your employees, clients and partners.

Because you want to ask the people around you how to do things better and as a team.

Because you are humble and you care about constant improvement.

Because you want to differentiate yourself and be recognized.

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