Happiness Report

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    The experts who create the Happiness Report are totally independent of the client that has applied to the AWARDS OF HAPPINESS.

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    The Happiness Report shows the projects and suggestions that a company or person would have to follow to improve their Organizational Happiness Journey. (Gold, Superior)

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    Each Happiness Report has a team of specialized people who have analyzed all OHT (Organizational Happiness Test) questions with the utmost professionalism and care.

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    The Happiness Report is elaborated once all the responses from the OHT (Organizational Happiness Test) are received and the question collection period is closed.

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    One week

    Once the OHT (Organizational Happiness Test) closes, it will take us a week to deliver the AWARDS OF HAPPINESS, the Dragon of Happiness and the Happiness Report.

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    The Happiness Report explains in detail all the projects that are suggested to the Company or Professional so that they can continue to improve on their Happiness Journey.