Our Culture

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    All the people who belong to our company believe that they do so because we have a purpose.
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    Our purpose is to achieve the best society possible, looking for efficiency in Organizational Happiness. 
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    An infinite will to improve and to pass along viral Happiness all over the planet. 

Our commitment

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    We want all of our clients to be completely satisfied. No exceptions.
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    Our independence when dealing with the data from survey results and the crafting Happiness Report is complete.
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    Our service is personalized and we treat each and every one of our clients as individuals.

Our Mission

Society, companies and people today are not like they used to be. Everything around us moves in an exaggerated and competitive manner. Our mission is to remind people and companies that they are made up of human beings. That we are still human and we can’t mistake the end for the means. The objective of conscious capitalism is to be both a means to our Happiness as well as to the Happiness of others. 

Our Vision

Clients, Partners and Employees, without distinction, demand the same thing from companies that they demand from the people they have relationships with: honesty, coherence and contribution to the common good, that is, to common happiness. The service, product or job offered is no longer specific to the main argument for choosing a brand or place to work.

We liked being called dreamers, so we believe that the world can improve and relations between people and companies can grow and we, humbly, would like to be one more link in that chain of growth.

We are convinced that the future of the world will have changed so much that we will not recognize it. We will no longer be here, but in order to leave a better world, we can now help by doing what we do best: work to make people and companies happier.

Our Values

The main value we treasure is resilience and customer service. We do not have any automatic machines which generate reports or emails. We are people working for people.

Everything is made by humans because we are human.

El respeto, la dedicación y el cariño personal a todos nuestros clientes es nuestra base para aprender y crecer.

Respect, dedication and personal affection for all of our customers is the basis of our learning and growth.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with wonderful human beings and excellent professionals.

Our purpose is for people and companies to be happier. 

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    All of our clients are satisfied, no exceptions

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    All people can apply for a Diploma of Happiness.

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    We like to be the first company that recognizes companies’ and people’s Happiness.

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    We always do everything better and we are better as part of a team.