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Creatividad Guatemala obtained their AWARDS OF HAPPINESS  because they do not consider work as a tool for life, but rather they treat and care for their people like family. They are well aware that this gives them a competitive advantage because it allows them to recruit and retain the best people who are committed and together form a true team of winners. 


BWom received their well deserved AWARDS OF HAPPINESS  in collaboration with Helena Torras, one of the most influential women in Spain in the startup world. “People are the key to launching world changing ideas.” Helena Torras

travel express

Travel Express is the best travel agency in Chile because it has the best people working there. Led by Alvaro Paltalioni, its CHO seen here receiving the AWARDS OF HAPPINESS, and in collaboration with our dear Ambassador of Happiness in Chile, Andrea Pares, they implement programs specifically targeted at increasing the acquisition and retention of talent for companies in the tourism sector.

social car

Social Car is the number one company in private car rentals. “In order to manage over 17,000 vehicles we need the best, most motivated, committed and innovative people. That’s why we believe in organizational happiness as the only viable path to the true optimization of our workforce,” says Mar Alarcon, CEO and founder, visionary female leader in Spain about creativity, innovation and strategy applied to business.

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Telefónica Empresa gets its Diploma de la Felicidad led by its visionary and strategic director Miriam Viñas. The ESADE bachelors’ and MBA graduate says: “Thanks to the AWARDS OF HAPPINESS  we have learned because we have truly listened to our people and now know the projects we must lead to retain the best people in an increasingly competitive market where excellent talent is scarce.” Telefonica Empresa received its AWARDS OF HAPPINESS from our Ambassador, Antonio Rodriguez

diploma felicidad brookling

Brooklyn Fitboxing has been the fastest growing chain of fitness centers in the world for the past five years. It is present in Europe and throughout the american continent with hundreds of franchises. That kind of meteoric growth requires the best people to lead in an ultra competitive market. “The spirit of Brooklyn is contagious to our clients because our people are not employees, they are ambassadors. I lead and we do everything possible to manage our people based on the principles of Organizational Happiness,” Pablo Nebrera, CEO and Founder tells us.   

diploma felicidad acciona

“Acciona Innovación needs to have the best people and the best talent working side by side to bring the best solutions to the spanish and latin american community while we build the legacy of a better, more sustainable world. That’s why we wanted to obtain our AWARDS OF HAPPINESS  to know what we need to improve as a company and as individuals.” Telmo Perez, Global Director, Acciona Innovación


The world of insurance in increasingly competitive, full of great offers and decreasing loyalty in clients and employees. To be the best in their field Broker BCN applied for and obtained its AWARDS OF HAPPINESS to learn what to improve to keep employees and clients increasingly motivated and satisfied. 


Proyectos Multiples is one of the best companies in Xela, Guatemala. Led by our Ambassador of Happiness Guadalupe Velasquez, they applied and obtained their AWARDS OF HAPPINESS  in order to transmit all of the components of organizational happiness and to embark on their journey of organizational happiness.


Copeinca Cankay and Copeinca Tambo obtained their AWARDS OF HAPPINESS in Perú together with our Ambassador of Happiness Rodrigo Franco. The company is a leader in the fishing industry with thousands of employees and wants to be the best it can be while caring for its RSC, and corporate volunteerism. Obtaining the AWARDS OF HAPPINESS  has allowed them to create a company-wide strategy based on organizational happiness.


Atria Energía is the leading company in energy generation and commercialization in the twenty-first century. It is a modern, flexible company with a strategy based on respect and continued growth of the people who work or it. This Perú-based company wants to learn and listen to their people and by doing so obtained its very well deserved Diploma of Happiness in collaboration with our Ambassador Carlos Llaque


Habitat Guatemala obtained its AWARDS OF HAPPINESS. Companies such as Hábitat Guatemala demonstrate their commitment to their roots in Guatemala and help and collaborate with thousands of people to improve their lands and homes and thus invest in their futures. We are proud to be part of the Habitat Guatemala family and to have had the privilege of collaborating with them in this worthwhile endeavor.


CDMON is a leader in solutions for purchasing of online domains, cloud services, web hosting and many new technology services. CEO Jaume Palau believes that to grow a company needs to have the best people who bring with them the necessary creativity to enable CDMON can grow even more and expand all over the world from its current corporate headquarters in Spain.


SMX Consulting, a company based in Miami, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Spain with hundreds of employees who are technology experts who offer the tech support and solutions clients need to improve their technology strategies. CEO and founder Richard Quevedo is very clear: “the AWARDS OF HAPPINESS helps us improve and expand the learning of our people and create organizational happiness strategies.”


Zona Pradera is the most important industrial park in Guatemala with more than 400 companies. We want to commend the bravery of this organization which obtained four AWARDS OF HAPPINESS because it wanted to understand each department independently: marketing, service, sales and administration. The Diplomas were presented by our Ambassadors of Happiness Diego Salazar y Pedro Solís.


Clinics Dentists Abaden is a rapidly expanding company throughout Spain. In order to learn and improve their people’s experiences they applied for and obtained their AWARDS OF HAPPINESS. This allowed them to improve and grow understanding that organizational happiness is the main foundation on which to build their competitive advantage. 


CHAN! Is the most important creative agency in Chile because their advantage is based on the people and the family environment they all generate together. The fluidity of ideas and the charisma of the people create an excellent team which clients notice and feel.

clinica chile

San Ignacio is the veterinary clinic which not only provides excellent care for its animal patients, but also endeavors to ensure that their employees are happy people within the highly competitive and responsible environment they work in while also striving  for constant improvement. 


Bigmond Headhunters are one of the most important companies in Peru whose objective is not only to serve their clients in an exceptional manner, but also to understand that the people they place in major organizations are considered not only great professionals but also and perhaps more importantly, great people. Bigmond gets leaders for its clients.

diploma 1

Quodem is one of the best known technology consulting firms in the spanish pharmaceutical sector. The services it has obtained and its meteoric rise have only been possible due to one fundamental reason: “We have always wanted to have the best professionals working with us. We only believe in them and thanks to them, all of us together as a team, we are achieving goals we could only have dreamed of.” Rafael Palomino, co-CEO and founder. 


El Periódico de Guatemala wants to be the leading company which improves and manages the people in their organization in a different and strategic way. To further that goal, they applied for and obtained the AWARDS OF HAPPINESS. This demonstrates their humility, bravery and willingness to learn when it comes to asking those who work for them how they can improve and do better. They are currently implementing the resulting organizational happiness projects.